Monday, September 12, 2011

Here's a pic of some of the girls. That's a Cheviot yearling straight ahead, and a very cute Cheviot lamb off to the left looking very cute.

Here's some of that White Snakeroot (with white flowers) that grew from nothing to this in 1 month. Remember, it is extremely poisonous to all who eat it.

This stuff I sprayed on Saturday, doesn't look affected yet.

Here is some that I sprayed on Thursday.

This has taken a week to deal with and it is still not dead, and I don't know how dead it will get before the end of the grazing season. It all ends up disintegrating on it's own, and comes back strong the next year since it's a perennial. I won't put the sheep back in this field until the stuff is pretty much dead and the 24d has been diluted a LOT. So, I may end up feeding hay early this year. Oh well, that's just how my year has been.

Remember that big bill I have? Just came in the mail. School tax, will have to pull a rabbit out of the hat. Life for me is geared around big bills. Not much else. Hay will have to wait.

So, that's it. Finally some pics. Even if they are boring!

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