Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hurricane Irene was, unlike some news sources NOT a dud. There are so many losses everywhere, and so much flooding. We were lucky at my place. Farm lost power, which just came back on last night. I almost dumped the water to give fresh, but thought to ask if there was power, as a tree blocked my way to the farm... Sure enough it took power lines down with it. Power is back on at the farm, so that is great.

Brother is working on another project at the farm, so that means I have to move some fencing, etc. Last thing I want to deal with. We chatted about him getting more steers, but really, another field has to be fenced before we do this. In my area of the USA, we only get 6 months, if we are lucky of grazing. The rest is all hay. For steers, this means a boat load of corn/hay to over winter. Speaking of hay, I finally found some good 2nd cutting timothy. Not cheap, but I know what good hay is when I see it. Have to wait until it is brought in, so that sort of scares me- weather is fickle...

Sheep are good. All have gained a nice amount of weight, and even my thin girl is finally getting better- I wonder if the heat just nailed her bad, along with the flies? The grain may have gotten her system back on track too. Her rumen looks to have something in it now, which for a while it did not.

Dogs are good, ever since they have been on Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream. I am adding pro biotics to their food in the am, and yogurt at night. The difference in their coats, especially Dan and Lucy is amazing.

The baby Parakeets are getting big, and one in particular is hanging out the opening of the box, but has not gathered the courage up to come out. Soon, I hope!

That's it for now!

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