Thursday, September 22, 2011

Got a call last night from another hay guy that I had met, who needed to get his 2nd cutting in, that he had some mixed grass/alfalfa that I might like. It's not second cutting, but I will check it out. He's a LOT closer than the other guy, so getting like 60 bales from him would save me a lot of gas. No idea if the sheep will like it, but we will see. We are fore casted to have even more rain in the next few days. I am sick of it.

I plan to go back up to the 24d field and work there, pulling some more of that horrid snake root, and basically, as of Monday, I will put the sheep back there. Lots of good grass and the chemical has had time to dilute. Supposedly very safe, but still, I screwed up and wanted lots and lots of dilution- dilution is the solution!

Still craving those mashed potatoes! Maybe today. I would like to take Dan somewhere to work other sheep, but I have to save money. He's bored lately. I can't work on shedding with my sheep, so I will have to just do normal trial training with him for now.

Life is pretty quiet otherwise, which is good. Well, that's it for now!

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