Sunday, September 18, 2011

Her it is Sunday morning and I am just sort of contemplating things- the way I will pay my taxes, and for the hay, and when. I know it will happen, it's just the next few weeks will be hairy. I am psyched to be able to get second cutting hay, which is really all I wanted to start with. I will start picking it up this week, in small loads. That means today I have to clean out the barn. It seems NOTHING I EVER do at the farm is without four tons of work to be done before I get it done.

I drove out to help someone out with their dog on sheep yesterday. It was a beautiful drive, and un-eventful. I made some progress with the young dog, and when he gets thinking- he does beautifully, but, as it appears with most male Border Collies, he has some settling to do- I certainly know about that. I love working dogs, and being around sheep, so this was certainly a fun thing for me to do. Dan and Lucy came with, and didn't get to do anything, but it was a day out.

On the way home I stopped by a mom/pop bakery and picked up an apple crumb pie to have for desert- all that driving by apple farms got me really in the mood.. So, I made a steak dinner, and then had this LUSCIOUS apple pie for desert. I fell asleep hard, in fact, so hard that someone called at eight something and I never heard the phone ring right next to me!

Today shall consist of a bit of cleaning, and taking care of the sheep, running the dogs, and just not doing too much of anything...

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