Monday, October 3, 2011

Wow, didn't realize it was so long between posts. Been busy. Let's see, John and I went to the Big E and saw some runs at the sheepdog trial there. It was neat to go, but I have to say, fairs tire me- regular fairs, not sheep and wools ;)

On the way home from the Big E, we picked up a ram for John to use. Nice ram, but John thinks he is too tall/big to use with his ewes, so I have no idea what is in store for them. Won't really matter, because John has never pulled his other ram........ Either way, the girls will be bred.

I finally got my tax bill paid and now can breathe a little. Worked Dan with a trainer the other day, we worked on shedding and also I saw some holes in some of his work. But the good part is that he is starting to get shedding. Still a few more sessions with the right sheep, but he will get it. He's so darn wanting to please.

This week is busy at the tail end of it, and then I am going to go help out with a sheepdog trial, and go with John to look at a ram lamb. Then, the next weekend is the sheep/wool festival and I plan to go at least one day and shop for sheep items and maybe more art work.

I love fall, and everything about it. I think the sun should be coming out later this week too!

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