Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I *LOVE* my dad

I got to the farm in a hurry yesterday, because I did not fill the water tank the day before, and I was worried about the water being low..  When I got there, I filled the tank and called my dad.  I needed more pics, as the ones I had taken were not acceptable.. So, since my dad is the best dad in the world, he came over to take pictures.

I had fed the sheep and my dad, Dan, and Joe, and I all walked into the field.  My dad asked me if there was a ram in there.  He was taught very well as a kid to not ever enter a field with a bull or ram in it without protection.  But, given that I had two good Border Collies with me, I think he felt at ease..

We had to get pics of me, the sheep and the dogs.. no easy feat.  AND they wanted shots of my face (the HORRORS).  I think a few turned out okay.  The cool part was that as he was taking the pictures, it began to snow very hard, and very big flakes, so it was a really pretty scene.  The sheep were covered with snow, and well, the one pic I like the most has me actually smiling with snow on the dogs and sheep.  I am not one who likes pictures of me.. not at all... this was a big thing.. but anyway, we got the pictures done and then I brought my dad to see my work in the barn.  He asked me if I fed the sheep in there, etc.  He's still an old farm boy at heart.  Love him so much.  I am getting teary just thinking about him.

Anyway, after he left, I took the boys for a walk, and then home.  I was so beyond exhausted yesterday that I got in bed when I got home and never got out..except for dog stuff.

Today is a much better day.  Sleep does me very well.


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We need to see the pictures!! :)

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