Friday, December 20, 2013

After the rough morning, I decided the best therapy for me was to just get moving.  So I did.  After work, I got up to the farm and worked Dan and Joe for just a very short time- using only the lambs.  The snow was deeper than I thought.  I made a breakthrough with Dan.  I learned that Dan is keen to work, he is not keen to be yelled at.  Wow, I am so stupid.  I used a much nicer voice and Dan was so much less tense, and would have driven those lambs to China if I let him.  I was so happy.  Sorry Dan, but thank you for teaching me to be a better person.

Then I worked Joe.  He did well, and at one point the lambs were in deep enough that they just had a hard time moving off and as he came up on the lamb I call fire plug, well, I see him come forward and then in a flash her head come back and they all turned.  Joe handled it beautifully.  He also did very nice outrun/lift work- YEAH!

After that, I had to clean the barn.  Oh Lordy- this is true exercise- I need a manure spreader!!! Oh well, exercise is a good thing!!  So, got that done, and then headed home- still too deep to walk the dogs.

When I got home I vacuumed the entire house.  I cannot believe how much dirt comes out of the carpet and floors.  Honestly..  I was so happy to get that done. 

After all that, I just chilled and read my book before bed.  It was a good day, and now we will get some warm weather to melt all this snow!

Today I have to get all sorts of animal feed/supplies and Christmas shop.  Then, I can chill a bit and look forward to the holiday!

I hope everyone is gearing up for a wonderful Christmas and New Year!

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