Saturday, December 7, 2013

A very good day

Today was a very good day.  First thing was to head to Tractor Supply, and pick up needed supplies.  Believe it or not that had everything I was looking for, well, they did not have any jeans.. Even TS has stretch jeans- what a pain!  I just want regular jeans.. Oh well, Christmas is coming.

After my TS trip, I stopped at Barnes and Noble and got a wondrous hot chocolate, and bought a paper back mystery.

Then I stopped at Agway, and then finally, the farm.  Walked the dogs, and then started on the project du jour.  That was installing the wooden gate that I had appropriated from another part of the barn.  This gate is OLD.  The nails were hand made.  I had to add another piece of wood along the door jamb to even things out, and then I started with the hinge work.  I have always felt daunted by trying to hang a door, or gate with hinges.. I think it is because you have to line everything up, and it just seems difficult.  Well I learned it is not that hard, but it would be nice to have a second person hold the gate up when you attach the gate to the hinges and vice versa... I ended up using an old coffee can.  Great help that can was ;)  Anyway, I got it hung, and low and behold it's level and everything.  Then, I see that I cannot open the gate all the way, because a section of concrete is blocking the gate from swinging open all the way.  So, I got get the reciprocating saw, and cut that wee piece off, and Voila!  A well hung gate.  Now I just have to get the latch for it.. Already know what I want to use.  I am so stoked I was able to do this.  You have no idea how daunting it was for me..

After that I fed the sheep who were acting starving, and then home.  It was indeed a very good day.


DeltaBluez Tess said...

Hot cocoa and a good book, what a life....

Anonymous said...

Sounds lovely to me too.