Monday, August 8, 2011

Just a small update. I was contacted by the fair to do demos this year, sort of a last minute request, but I have agreed to do it with a good friend of mine. They also asked me to do the sheep/wool festival later this year. Work yes, but fun too (I LOVE the sheep and wool festival!)

The two ram lambs are heading off to freezer camp today, and it will be a load off my mind when they go, as they are not wethered, and I just don't want chitlins off them.

The sheep will be moved back to the other pasture this week, either today or tomorrow. Weather is absolutely gross today (really high humidity/hot) but it is supposed to cool down as the week progresses.

Dogs are finally better from their intestinal issues, and the Parakeet parents are quite busy with their babies.

Life is pretty good !

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