Saturday, August 27, 2011

Well, demos were a complete fail to launch. First, we got the sheep loaded into the trailer so easy! It was just great. Then, as my friend tried to pull out, the truck just could not get traction- it was then that we saw the trailer had a flat- right off the rim. Just great. So, we make a makeshift pen out of a combo panel and lattice, and tied it all together with baling twine- and another friend lifted those huge Border Leicester ewes into it- they are about 180 lbs. By the time he finished putting all four of them into the pick up bed pen, well, he was done. So, we then get to the fair, see that the fence has not been shored up as was repeatedly requested, and that several ponds of water where in the arena, and it's all clay, so you literally get sucked in. They did not set up an easy up to be under and no PA system. After discussing it with my friend, and realizing that our dogs could get hurt in this clay pond, as well as the extreme potential for sheep to get out, and also after conversing with management, it was decided to just bag it. But, we had to wait for the trailer tire to be repaired, and get there. As soon as it go there, we loaded up the sheep (Dan did a great job) and headed home.

After we dropped the sheep back at the farm, we went for lunch where I had horrible pork chops- so tough I could barely cut through them.

I then went home and passed out.

Working today, and then wait for the storm. Lots more rain. Thank goodness there is good drainage at the farm.

Well, that's it folks.

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