Sunday, August 14, 2011

Was just thinking, my blog has changed over the past year. I think part of it is the past few months not being well, being busy, working hard and just trying to keep above water, like everyone else. Life is not as romantic as it used to be. Not that that is bad, per se, but it basically means, I don't really have the take on things like I used to...

My one thin ewe remains so- her gums are just the same color as the rest, she is chewing her cud, she does have all her teeth, but man, she's thin. I don't like seeing it. I may have my vet friend come out and give her a once over. I know I said I wouldn't, but I have grown attached to my older girls, plus, they are not THAT ancient yet. I wormed her and gave the old girls just a little grain yesterday, and the skinny girl ate very well.

Have a headache for three days now. Isn't that fun?! Not. Parakeet babies are so hungry. Mom keeps feeding them, but I am truly amazed at the work it is taking and the volume of food they are going through to feed these babies. I had better start looking for homes for them...

Dogs seem to be back to normal with their digestive systems, though I am not real happy with their output- I think the food I feed may have changed their formula or something.

The other day I thought my kitty was out in the back yard when I let my dogs out and so just let the dogs out as usual. Then, I saw that the kitty was still in the house. Two days ago I realized, it was not a cat, it was a woodchuck, and is it not a bit pitiful that my cat is as fat looking as a woodchuck?

Well, vet is coming (just got a call) and have to hop in shower and head up to meet him.

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