Tuesday, August 9, 2011

So, the ram lambs are gone. When we got there, another trailer pulled up and I wondered out loud what was in it. Sheep? Well, when I heard a loud BOOM! I knew it wasn't sheep- then I heard the squeel.... We unloaded my two lambs first, and the butcher said they were REALLY small, so be it. At least they can't breed my ewes! I am just glad that job is done.

I moved my sheep to the other pasture last night and they were very happy. I also worked Dan. We have a new issue with me working hard on pace with him- he's lost some confidence, so I am sort of pissed at myself, so now, for the rest of our time, I will ask for pace when needed, but not over do it. He's a handler sensitive dog, and I must remember that. Going to try and start to teach him to shed this week. Lambs are nice and light and we need to learn something new.

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