Thursday, August 11, 2011

Weather's getting cooler, and I am getting happier :) I am also feeling better after months of downright exhaustion and being sick. It's a wonderful wonderful thing. I actually weeded my flower bed the other day... It's a MIRACLE!

Worked Dan yesterday and I would say we are about 85% back to normal on our driving work. He is just not mature enough to nail down so hard, and he may never be. Lots of grass for the sheep to eat, and I am again, so gratified that I fenced in the second pasture. Next year, a third, and then one more after that. Just need more $$!

Last night my friend and I went to see the movie "Buck", about Buck Brannaman, a horse whisperer of sorts. I was in tears pretty much the first few minutes. The compelling part of this film for me was how he believes that most times it's horses with people problems, not people with horse problems. He handles horses respectfully, and clearly, and benevolently and does not fool with getting emotional, and has that "way" with horses, that clearly, is not born into everyone. He is going to be in New Jersey next month for a clinic and I want to just go and be an observer. Yes, I have no horses, but by God, what he said can be applied quite liberally to sheepdog training. I am a believer! Made me think of how when things go funky with training my dogs, how I let my temper, or my emotions take over and lose so much ground. With Lucy, specifically, I got too hard on her and she lost some trust with me, and I will never forgive myself for it.

I think I am beginning to see my niche in this sheepdog game, and I have already seen a change in me- none are more converted than those who see why they are...........

So, anyway, that was an excellent movie, and I will be buying his books.

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