Saturday, August 20, 2011

This week has been pretty good. I worked Dan the other day, first time after a couple days off. He worked so nice, that I mentioned the word perfect to him as I joyfully called him over. We started with a fetch, and I flanked him around to drive them across in front of me (to keep his fetch flanks free) and then we drove all over the field- he did, I stood still at what would be the post. It was not a lot of work, but boy was it wonderful.

He had diarrhea again, and now Kylie too, but I think Kylie's pica is rearing it's head and she's eating lots of inedible things. But, liquid diarrhea means no food. So tonight, along with pumpkin I will give her some food. I switched all over to taste of the wild pacific stream and it appears to be a great thing- everyone has less output, and no illness (except for Kylie).

Baby Parakeets are over 3 weeks now and extremely loud. Parents are fighting a bit, not sure why, but maybe it's the time where dad starts feeding them, and mom gets her nose out of joint.

Got some T posts for the new fence line and they are planned to go in tomorrow. I also sprayed my hill field for those HORRID plants that came up. Tried pulling, but my God, just spraying took 2 hours!!!!!! Can't wait for them all to shrivel up and DIE!!!!!!!! That field took too much work and money to have it over run by a noxious weed- that the sheep will not eat!!!!

Got some work done in the house last night, need to keep that up all week. Been feeling better (antibiotics do that to you), so life is back on the almost normal slant!

Well, that's about it for now............

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