Sunday, July 3, 2011

So, how is everyone? Things are cool here. Farm is looking better every day; my brother brush hogged in front of the pond, where the dogs dive in after working, and it's also a great fishing pond, so now more people can get up there to fish.

Sheep are fine. I tell you, the Cheviots are just a better breed for me; the Border Leicesters are past their prime, and so framey, I just don't like their looks- they are more ribby, whereas I cannot feel any bones in the Cheviots. Soon, it will be time to separate out the ram lambs. I dread it, but I don't want January lambs. I am breeding all the ewes (with the exception of the ewe lambs) to a Cheviot ram this fall. I plan to keep the lambs, if we get any out of the Border Leicester ewes, and keep some mules. I will also keep a group of pure Cheviots, but I am interested to see the increase in frame size of the BL/Cheviot cross.

I think Danny may have Giardia again.. He's lost weight, and his stool was like it was when he had it last year. Have to get a sample into the vet on Tuesday. Been working he and Lucy and things are going well. Danny is ready to do all the sorting work with me now too.

Oh, I got a car.... Will post pics when I get home. Oh, we are leaving today to head to the Fetch Gate trial in Cortland NY. My sister will take care of my animals at home and brother will keep an eye on the sheep for me. We will return on Tuesday, and then no more trials until August. I may end up doing the sheepdog demos at the fair after all- we will see.

There are a few more clinics/camps I am going to do with Dan- want to get him shedding, and doing more natural lifts, and that sort of thing.

So, that's it. I have some running around to do before I leave, around noon today, but not too much. I am sort of slow today. Any sort of change for me is hard, like a new car for instance ;)

So, that's it for now!

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