Saturday, July 9, 2011

A week. Let's see. The trial was Mon/Tues, and nothing really to write home about. Danny did something really weird at the top on his first run- he put his nose down and smelled something and I screamed his name, and then, well, after a good fetch, he zipped a sheep at the post and we were thanked. I was more upset about the sniffing thing.. So, the next run I vowed to just let him work- no whistling. And OMG, the best outrun/lift I have ever seen, or among the best! He came in nice and deep and floated in to those sheep. Of course then he would not take a flank on his left so we missed the fetch panels, and then, for the drive, it was a fight. Danny needs pace on his driving and he needs to stop over flanking- it irritates sheep. We got them as close as we could to the gates and then penned. I was happy with our run, because the worst part was where Danny just needs more training... Which we will address later this month at sheep camp!

The trip for the trial was quite nice; I roomed with a friend and we did some sight seeing; something I never take the time to do. We stopped by an old cemetery and saw a headstone of a man who was in the Revolutionary war. I took several pictures there, and then we stopped by an ice cream place after dinner. Tuesday morning we hit an old diner with only 6 booths and it was so friendly and nice in there. I felt right at home. Dinner both nights was at Applebees, and the food was great. It was just a nice time!

My new car is going well, although this IS a weird noise when the a/c is on, not sure what it is but will get it checked out.

Going over to a friend's place tomorrow to work Danny on new sheep/field. Going at the crack of dawn because it is so hot.

Farm plans are growing. Since my income at my job is what it is, I need to grow where I can, and that is at the farm. Plan is to start growing other animals- pigs are one, and perhaps Turkeys. Basically, every last part of this farm needs to make money in some way. That way, I can continue my true love, sheep, and be able to pay the bills with animals that DON'T require hay in the winter!

Made a nice steak yesterday- first time in months, and today, will be left over steak and corn on the cob. Looking forward to it. Oh, and momma Parakeet is getting interested in her nesting box, and I think they are breeding...

So, that's it these days. The rest of the summer consists of sheep camp, another trial, a clinic, and then my sheep/dog handling clinic. Then, the fall, which is when I want to get a lot done, as the heat is not an issue.

Well, that's it for now....

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