Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lucy was indeed sullen. When I got home from work yesterday, she had been sick in the living room; several times. I did not feed her dinner. She was quite uncomfortable- getting up a lot, looking at her stomach. I gave her a Pepcid and that seemed to help for a while. Then, last night I let she and Kylie out a few times. She feels better this morning. I wonder if she got into something..........

On the way home from work, I all of a sudden started feeling like the right side of my face was drooping, and very weak- I looked for a place to pull over, but found none, so I went home. The whole rest of the evening, I was weak. This morning I was still weak. Man, I gotta figure out what the heck all of this is. I do believe it's a combo of anemia/low B12, and a slow heart rate- all three make it hard for you to function. I worry about, well, crashing my car. I suppose I need a Dr. visit, though, I am loathe to go, because I just hate wasting every one's time.

Tonight after work, John and I are going to go look at a Cheviot ram to replace his. Maybe we can do a trade with the other farmer.

No sheep work again today for the dogs; it's way to hot. Tomorrow....

Well, that's it for now!

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