Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekend went fast! Sunday I headed out to a friend's place to work Danny. I had never been there, and oh, what a beautiful place. Danny was stupid when I first sent him out there, and the sheep took off along the fence- and Danny zipped them. This shows me I have to work a LOT on calmly getting them off the fence. After that one thing, he was absolutely fine. Lucy used to be the same, but for some reason, it irritates me more now ;) He was very good walking straight into the sheep who were a bit heavier than he is used to.

When I got home, which was still relatively early, I started to clean the house and kept right on chugging- lots of laundry done, vacuumed, bathroom done, etc. Even Ginger's bed got washed.

Slept well last night, which is the third? night in a row? WOW, that's very good for me.

The forecast is for very hot/humid days today/tomorrow. This means a walk for the dogs, but that's it.

Lucy was sullen today when I was leaving. I did not bring her with me yesterday, but she seemed fine... This morning she ate her breakfast, but would not eat her biscuit when I crated everyone and would not eat the cat treats- that is very odd. I give her and Mr kitty cat treats when I leave...... I need to get a barrier or something so that she can ride safely in the car and not jump all over the seats. I also need some sort of cargo/seat cover the dogs don't trash the inside of the car....

Momma Parakeet is definitely sitting on eggs- she is staying in there all the time, and dad is feeding her.

So, that's it for now. Can't wait to go work the dogs (will bring Lucy too) at my friend's place again, and have her come to my place too!

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