Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Big E

I had a great time at the Big E on Monday.  I went to run Joe and Dan in two trials over the course of the day.  These were time/point trials in an arena.  I got there early enough to unload my car at the building, which was great, because at the end of the day, you have to schlep your stuff (crates, etc) and dogs back to the far away parking lot through throngs of people. 

Anyway, Dan ran first and had a decent go, not bad for only being back with me about two months, and only having worked twice for very short periods with me... He was happy and so was I.  Joe had a very good run, but I muffed up the pen, so it added time (shortest time with total allowable points gets you the win), but at the end of the trial, Dan got 14 place and Joe got 3rd. 

The second trial, not so good.  Joe was off the rails a bit, so we lost some points.  Dan had a sheep that kept escaping.  Joe did not place, but Dan eked out a 15th place.

It was a great little event, and I can't think of a better way to spend a Monday, than dog trialing!  I was interviewed while I was there, and I have attached the link for you all.

Dan is in there toward the end, catching the rogue ewe I mentioned earlier.   Joe is with me while I am being interviewed at the end.

On the sheep front, I have had some sort of creeping respiratory crud, the ram has it and one brown ewe.  They both got their second dose of LA200 yesterday.  They looked better than they did on Sat, so here's hoping.  I spoke with the vet, she said this flip flopping weather is hard on these guys.  She said not to panic, just do what I am doing.  If things continue to spread I will get her out.  She's a great young vet.

The ram has seven more to mark.  They have been on a field with some red clover in it, I sure hope the phyto-estrogens in the red clover are not messing things up.  I guess I will know by them either being bred very late (after the clover is gone) or on time (while clover still around).

Dogs are good, although no training lately.  When sheep are not feeling up to par, I don't train dogs on them, and I also don't train in very early pregnancy.  So, a bit of a lay off.  It's okay though...  it has been a bit too hot.   Though as of later this week, it is supposed to cool off, finally!!

Well, that's all there is now!  I hope everyone is having a great week!

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