Wednesday, September 2, 2015

I think I am back....

And it feels good.  Not sure why I wasn't up to writing much there for a while, but now I am back in the saddle.

So, got my new North Country Cheviot ram lamb home on Sunday night.  He's a real nice guy, calm and has a very nice build on him.  He had a bit of a cough, no doubt from the hours in transit, but I gave him a dose of La 200 Sunday, and another on Tuesday, even though no more cough from him.  He is acting normally, and eating and following the girls.  I really like his temperament a lot. 

I have been mowing the snake root every day, trying to get it gone from my training field.  Right now I am looking for a used riding mower to keep at the farm to keep it gone.  I am getting too old to walk behind trim it all...

I got Kylie's ashes and paw print from the vet's yesterday.  That is still very hard for me.  It was so fast.  RIP Kylie, I miss you a lot.

Dan's doing well, he likes his routine here at the house and I hope to get him on sheep again when it cools down.  I don't train dogs when it is as hot/humid as it is now.  I don't think it's fair to the sheep or the dogs.  Sheep have therefore had a nice break.  I may stop at Home Depot and get the wood for the feeders I want to make today.  Want them done so I can start using them in the next month or so.

I decided to enter Dan in the Big E, just for fun, I will be there with Joe, so why not?  Looking forward to a day away, could really use it.

Jenny,  the pup is doing well.  She weighed in at a hefty 32 lbs yesterday.  Wow.  She's not yet five months!  I guess she will probably be about a 40 lbs female when she's done, but who knows.  I really like her temperament a lot.  She is no longer happy about being left outside with Johnny, no, not at all.  So, she stays inside with me when I get home from work and we play fetch, a lot of fetch.  Too hot to hang outside.

Other than that, not much going on right now.  This time of year is sort of not my favorite, hot, humid and no real trials coming up.   Going to get some pictures of the farm today, brighten up our day looking at them, what say you?

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