Saturday, September 5, 2015

My Moby Dick

Today I had a lot on my agenda.  I had to pick and chose.  I ended up choosing to go to the farm and get some of the training field mowed a bit.  Then I headed to Tractor Supply, and got the materials I need for the wheel assembly for my feeder (just doing one prototype now), and then had to stop at Williams Lumber for some parts that TS did not have.

Then I checked the sheep and saw the Dorset and a lamb eating the snake root. That is bad. It is poisonous.  No bueno!  So, I started to get really worried.. I went to the clover field and started to pick up that electro net, and got four rolls taken down, and through in my car, and brought back to the farm yard.  I then mowed the strip where the fence will go.  Of COURSE I ran out of gas about 10 feet or less from the finish line.. So, trekked out to get the gas and another string and got that done.  It was then time for me to take a break. I went home and got lunch, and then began to really worry about the sheep eating that snake root.  So, I went BACK to the farm and started putting up the netting.  I got three rolls up- it is not easy because other than the strip I cleared, it's all brambles...
Then I hit the wall. I could do no more.  Honestly.. it was done. 

So, now I am home, beat, but I know tomorrow when I get there it will only be two rolls to do and then I can get them out of the hill field while I mow down the snake root.  The snake root is my Moby Dick.. it really is.. it will kill me one day, unless I kill it first.

Oh yeah, I stopped by the new feed/garden place in town, and learned that the previous people who were renting it, left on short notice.  This explains why they never got back to me about sponsoring my trial (they were very keen when I brought it up).  The new manager is a well known guy in town, nice guy, and I am on his list for getting grain :)

Well, that was my very full Saturday.  Have not worked dogs in over a week, but hopefully by middle of next week I can, when it cools down.  Right now, sheep care is more important..

Hope everyone had a good Saturday.

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