Friday, September 25, 2015

Thank goodness it is Friday.  This has been a long week.  Finally will have that bill paid today.  Of course, that means Raman noodles for the remainder of the month, but heck, as long as the animals are fed, it's all good.

Two more ewes marked yesterday.  I had to put more marker on the boy because he's making sure to mark very clearly ;)  I did not even need a dog, he's pretty tame.  I just brought the feed scoop and made noises with it and he came to sniff it whilst I applied the marker.

Today I have to do a cemetery tour with school kids in my home town, which makes for a broken up day, but I guess absolute routine cannot be had for me every single day!!!!

I need to move the e-net, but decided I did not have enough time to do that before the tour, so I will move it tomorrow.  My hands/wrists are annoyed at me today, so we have an agreement, if you get annoyed, I will let you chill a bit.  So, I guess it's good I can't get to it.

Dogs are good, for the first time I had Joe, Johnny and Jenny outside all together playing happily.  Jenny is the boss, so instead of defending her honor from Joe, Johnny plays with Joe and hopes that Jenny is not so tough on him ;) Jenny is going through quite a growth spurt now.  She's going to be a good sized dog.  Probably weighs more than Johnny at this point.  Don't think she will pass 40 lbs, but it will be close. 

In other news, I have been watching the results from the National Sheepdog Finals in Alturas, California.  Johnny's mother "Lexi"made it into the semi-finals.  Fingers crossed for her!!  Some really good dogs running and some upsets, but that is exactly how it should be for a trial of this magnitude.  Some day.. I will get there.. to one of these.  It's all timing and if the dogs are on their apogee... we may... won't do it unless I think we are really ready.  I am slow cooker in this sport! 

Well, that's all there is for now.  Thought I would share this neat photo.

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