Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sunday on the farm

This weekend has been productive.  Today I was up before dawn, so I could get things done at the house before I headed to the farm to get the e-net up and sheep moved, and then more mowing.  Had a good breakfast, including coffee, which is notable since I have been off it since March, but I am happy to have it again.
The above picture is "Wilbur", my walk behind trimmer.  It is a great machine, and is perfect for mowing a strip for electro net.  It's also good for mowing the snake root.  Some day (sigh) I will have a brush hog to use...

These next two pictures are a before and after scene of what the field looks like after being mowed.  I left the wild blueberries because hitting them with the trimmer explodes the berries and I get purple dots all over my shirt.

Sheep were moved before I got to this. They are uber happy in their new field.

Sheep were moved,  then I took some time to stop and just absorb that which I love.

It's hard to believe we are in September, it is very hot lately.  A few more days of the heat, and then a cool down, but only into the low 80s.  

Well, this was a very productive weekend. I just wish weekends could last longer!

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