Saturday, November 2, 2013

Here it is November :)  Moving right along.  Sheep are all bred, I believe, one was not marked, but she may have been bred before I put the raddle marker on the ram.  He's been doing his job, and the two ewe lambs he did produce are very nice.  The older one is just well, I love her- built like a fire plug.  The second one is out of my home bred ewe lamb from my last ram who I really was not that fond of, so this lamb is built a bit lighter, but she's not bad.

I have a lot of things to get done at the barn.. one of these days... My motivation is not really in play lately.  

I bleached the whole bathroom yesterday, there is a cleaner I use which is amazing and makes everything shine, and you feel confident you have disinfected everything well.  Happy about that.

Made some amazing spare ribs yesterday. Never had luck with pork, but I turned the oven down and went low and slow and well, they were amazing... I used Masterpiece honey barbecue sauce- MMMMM.  It was a great meal.

Today I have to work the dogs, as they have had a couple days off.

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