Sunday, November 24, 2013

The cold and wind are here.  I got the de-icer out and into the tank yesterday, so I have to get it plugged in today.  I may, depending on the storm that is coming on Weds, allow sheep into the barn, but honestly, I doubt they will hang out in it; they prefer being outside pretty much no matter what- except for freezing rain..

I have decided this morning is a French Toast morning.. Hungry, as I ate dinner early.  Started a new book last night, an easy "Murder She Wrote" mystery.  I love mysteries.  There are some new ones coming out by my favorite authors, so in the next month I hope to get them.  I sleep a lot better when I read before going to sleep.

I better start thinking about breakfast- think I will make a slice for the dogs to share, without the syrup :)

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katiegirl said...

It's cold here too!! Brrr!! My sheep don't mind it, but I don't think the goats are happy!