Saturday, November 9, 2013

Today the plan is to pick up all the electro-net and put away the charger, cords, etc. Also, to go get some lumber to build a permanent wall in the barn.   It was darn chilly last night.  Slept very well, owing to having had a scrumptious meal of sirloin steak, potato, and green beans, and all of turning out just great.

I may have a sick sheep.  I brought them all in to the barn for sorting, and heard one ewe breathing HARD.  Not fast, but labored.  I sat for a bit and looked at her. I found a bit of dried mucous on her nose.  Some of the hay is dusty as my brother swept out the barn AFTER I got my hay..I hope she did not inhale too much dust and get a mechanical pneumonia.  I called my vet friend and he suggested what to treat with, the dose (Pen) and I also wormed her.  She seems fine, was chewing cud when I let them out of barn later, and she was pushing others away from her hay after I fed them.  Thankfully my vet friend lives nearby and if need be, he will come by with meds if I need them.  I *really* don't like it when any of my animals is off, or sick.  Let's hope if was nothing and if it was, I caught it very early.

Dogs and cat are good.  I have been working the boys regularly and it shows.  Great dogs, both of them.  The Kelpies are good.  I put all the dogs on a new food, it's a brand called "Nutrisource"; grain free chicken.  The dogs LOVE It.  It is more fat and protein than the Taste of the Wild, and the fat is much better in terms out how my dogs look; their coats are amazing, and I do not have to add oil anymore. Very happy about that.

I am organizing a sheepdog trial next year in Sept.  This will be at John's farm in his back field, using his sheep.  The field is quite large.  The judge is coming in from Scotland.  All of this is very exciting..  There will be a lot to do, but since it is just open and nursery, the worries over dogs on tough sheep are a bit less.

Other than that life goes on.  Hope all is well with you all!  I am going to grab some fleece and put in small bags and set up to send out.  Will pick the best.  Have some nice colored fleece and some white.

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