Sunday, October 27, 2013


Sheep on  fall day
Hi everyone.  Haven't been here in a long time, sorry.  I guess I just needed a break, and I think sub-consciously I got sort of bent out of shape by how blogs have become a way for people to make money, namely Jon Katz and our local yokel Ms Woginrich.  It's a subversion that irritates me to a high level  Blogs are supposed to be diaries of your life, and in my case it's a way for me to follow my travels, and if someone else enjoys reading it, that's cool.  But now, it appears that the way to do these things is to write fodder and sell it, which means the real meaning of the blog is gone.  So, I guess I am just saddened by everyone looking for money just by writing their feelings down.  It;s skeevy to me.  If people do offer a service, say recipes, or how to chapters, maybe I can see it, but not for my life.  Good God how much hubris does it take to ask for money from others to read about what I ate for dinner?

Well, other than that, things have been going.  I went to an Aled Owen clinic with the Dan and Joe, and that was good.

Sheep are good, animals are good.

Meow under the covers

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