Saturday, November 16, 2013

Have to keep an eye on things

The day before yesterday when I brought the sheep into the barn, I smelled an acrid, sour smell. Experience has taught me that I need to look around for loose droppings.  Saw none.  But made a mental note to be on alert.  Yesterday when I brought them all  back into the barn for sorting, I see one of my lambs has a dirty butt- that is scientific talk for diarrhea ;)  I had been thinking to worm the lambs, so I wormed all the lambs and a couple adults.  I still have one ewe who is bloaty and I just don't know why.  I am going to bring some sodium bi-carb and leave it out, and see if that makes things better.  She's healthy otherwise, but looks big all the time.

Sheep take looking after, they certainly do. Even with everything going swell, things can go kerfluey.  Every time I feed them I spend several minutes taking stock of everyone.  If someone seems not so hungry I take a closer look the next time.  Trick with livestock is, to catch whatever it may be early.  That's basically it.

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