Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The dirty butt ewe lamb is better now.  Don't know if it was worms or it was the hay being a bit rich- these lambs have not had alfalfa hay, for the most part.  At first they just did not want the hay, but now they all dig in.  Some bales are quite stemmy, but some are also just what I wanted, which is grass/alfalfa and soft.

Worked the dogs just a little bit yesterday, as it was quite warm out.  And I have decided I work them too much on training things, so want to pull back on that. 

Walked them and then back to the house.  Have more cleaning to do today, but all in all not a bad week so far ;)

Looking forward to the weekend already.  I had to work on Sunday, and that messes up my rest a whole lot.  A bit sore in the upper back now...

Well, hope your week is going well, and we need to keep enjoying the fact that it is not horribly cold!

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