Saturday, November 23, 2013

Today I put up a wall.. In the barn where the sheep shelter from bad weather, There is a section where a ramp comes down from the carriage house above.  This is how they did a lot of delivering of goods/animals etc.  Well, since the floor is installed up there, all this is is a big cavern.  Previously I just had some sheets of plywood up, but it looked horrible, and if the cement blocks holding it in place got moved, the lambs like to try to go back there.  This job I was not sure I could do myself, but after thinking about it, It was just not hard at all.  I won't go into the details, except for one- that I got the wood- rough cut pine- from a saw mill up the road.  The best find ever!  9 boards 10 ft by 6 ft, $42.00 for all!  Anyway, got this up and now no more lamb wandering, and this is high, like five feet, as these ARE Border Cheviots!  I am so pleased to have gotten this done.

 After I did the wall, I worked Dan and Joe, and then walked them.  Joe likes to pick up wood on our walk.  He's a happy guy!

Joe bringing in Fire wood (lol)

This piglet was dumped in a cat carrier earlier in the week.  Animal control called my friend who picked her up and has found her a home (she will go tomorrow) at a farmer and she will be a future momma :)

Rescue Piglet

Got home and made left over steak, then fed the dogs some with their meals.  They *love* their Sirloin steak..  Now I am just going to relax.. I am beat.  A good beat.

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Anonymous said...

Joe is taking "get the stick" to a whole new level. What a funny guy.