Sunday, September 1, 2013


Not too much going on. Working a lot lately.  This time of year it's always the exhausting race to come up with tax money... Some day, some day I wish things would even out, but what would I do with myself!  My blood pressure would probably bottom out... Anyway, this month not much going on.  I have someone coming to take pictures of my dogs and sheep next weekend, and may invite some friends over to work dogs.  Sheep are good.  Checked everyone.  That newest mother has diarrhea again and there are two thin ewes (mothers) so I wormed them.  Checked the lambs, all their color is good.  Will keep right on checking every two weeks.  Do NOT want to over worm, but do not want sick/dead sheep either.  

Dogs are doing well.  Working Dan on weak spots and happy to say that he is progressing well.  Joe is doing great.  I am starting to teach him to shed.  I am following advice from my friend in Scotland on nuances of all my dog training.  It's great.  

I am on search for kitten and think I found one.  He's the runt of a litter, a little brown Tiger I think I will call Peanut.  He looks like one :)

Have to call my hay guy and see when he wants to bring the rest of the hay, and also get an oil delivery set up.  That is C.O.D., so I have to wait on that.  OH! to have a husband... to help with the bills!!!

Back to Kitties.. Meow has become a hunter.  He has caught a few Moles.  So gross those things are. So far he has not eaten them, just basically pummeled them.

Anyway, I hope everyone is well, and here's to a great September!!!

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