Saturday, September 28, 2013

Happy Weekend!

So, life has been good.  Still a bit behind the eight ball wrt money, but then I sort of expected that.  But, I have learned in my middle age, to just not dwell on things unless I can actually do something about it.  So, I plod on.

Have been working the dogs, and they are working nicely.  Sheep look good and making progress on their middle field; I think they will be there at least another week.  Then up to the hill field.  Should be good.  Grass is starting to yellow in some places, but the weather for this week is supposed to be nice and warm.  This is also good because I can't afford to buy oil until the next pay check ;)  So, thank you Lord, and I mean that.

I honestly can't believe another year is waning.  Time really flies.. I know, a cliche, but it does!  Soon I have to start thinking of Christmas shopping, because I am bound and determined to get it done early this year.  First, is Thanksgiving and this is my favorite holiday.  Although, I am darn tired of washing crystal and china... and pots and pans.. but I do believe if you have nice settings you should use them and if I had a holiday at my place I would use mine :)

I have switched the dogs to the water fowl version of Taste of the Wild as their coats were very poor on Pacific Stream, and I added oil, which made all the difference, but I would rather not have to add oil.  So, we will see how it goes.  They certainly love this food.  I put kitty on Acana food (and off Taste of the Wild) and his coat is markedly better too.  I wrote Diamond a note about my concerns and I got a form letter back.  Hmmm, I would put the dogs on it as well, but it is too much money...

Today is a usual Saturday, but I may hit a fall festival at a local feed store.. we will see.  Happy weekend to you all!!!

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