Saturday, September 14, 2013

Cold, Schooling Joe

Well, some how I contracted the common cold.. I never ever get sick.. I may get tired, or sore, but never a virus.  So odd.  So, I have been a bit slow, and not too energetic.. However, this house is so desperate for cleaning, I need to clean!  So, I started today.  I am going to work dogs with friends today, which makes me feel better, that I did not go to the Fall Foliage in New Hampshire.  Just could not afford it.  

I did get some video of Joe working; my friend in Scotland gives me great advice on what I am doing wrong, etc.  Joe is learning to shed.  He is just so fast to train up.  Very happy with him, and with Dan.  I think truth be told, that Joe has more talent than Dan, but Dan is no slouch.  Dan is also victim of my first open dog.. that is not an easy row to hoe.

Dogs are Meow are good.  I have a Squirrel coming in my attic at night, so I have to get that handled.  Soon it will also be time to power wash the house and trim back the bushes, which grew exponentially this year.

Below is a video I shot of me working Joe.  The schooling term refers to reminding him about stops.  The camera was placed on a fence post ;)

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