Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I worked Dan and Joe yesterday.   I used almost everyone, except for the ram, the baby and her mother.  Dan did great- the black ewe and her lamb always split off, but Dan totally covered that nicely (this is on the drive).  He was very nice to work.  Then I worked Joe, just started teaching him to come through a big wide open area between two groups of sheep to me.  He was happy to come to me.  I want absolute joy to come me, and then I we will work on pushing a group off.  He also, on the drive had the two black ones split off and with no direction, hung back flanked a little around them and got the group back together.  Was so happy with that.  Working these two boys is a real joy.

I have got to get more cleaning done at the house, and I have got to get rid of the carpeting in my bedroom.  So many things I want done in the house, but no money.  Very sad.  I may just pull the carpet and paint the floors, or put Pergo or wood looking Vinyl down.  I want something sanitizable.

I almost got a baby kitten yesterday, but the people who found the litter decided to keep the one I had hoped to get.  Oh well, bummer, but that's the way it goes.  They found and rescued it, so their choice.

Well, back to it!

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