Sunday, September 15, 2013

Working dogs..

Had a great time working dogs yesterday.  Worked Dan and Joe equally.  I was thinking, that I was not really working Dan that much and I think that that does have an effect on how he works.  Dan worked very nicely.  We are working mainly on flanks on the fetch because he needs to be hurrying up and coming around and turning them, and that is the only sort of fetch we will do until he is almost perfect on it.  You cannot have a dog not come around and be able to maneuver sheep on the fetch if he will not come ahead.  So, that is our work.  He worked very nicely, and he was so happy, so was I.

Joe worked very nicely.   He did things I did not know he could do.  Boy was he just great.  Still have lots to work on, namely solid down on fetch on first request, and well, that's it.  He is a real joy to work.  You should have seen him drive so far..

It was a great day, and I even got some house cleaning done before I left.. So, it's all good!  Today not sure what I am doing... will see...

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