Thursday, September 26, 2013

Back to normal life... sort of.  Beat from being away.  Was a nice time.  I really needed a little time away.  Trial went okay.  First trial I gave wrong whistles to Dan.  Second trial we did better, barely, just barely placing and then third trial was bad..  Hard to keep up to snuff on these arena trials.  Dan is not one who loves really fast commanding and you can see it.  Still though, I had a good time.  Brought Joe into the arena just as a demo dog.  First time in there he saw people hanging over the wall and did not see sheep at first, but after getting closer he did.  He was good.  The second day I brought him in there, he was a bit nutty scooping them off the wall, but settled in nicely.  Considering where we were and all the noise I was happy.

Monday night a few of us went to dinner, which was great.  Nice to relax and have good food with friends.  Joe and Dan slept by the side of the bed.  Good boys!

Oh, forgot one small detail.  A deer ran into my car on the way to the trial.  So, next week, my car goes in to be repaired.  Oh joy.  Always something...

Three more ewes have been marked.  Ram is doing his job.  Going to check the color of the lambs this week, to make sure all okay.  Everyone looks good and happy to be on the new grass.  It's basically flushing them without using grain, which works for me!

I need to get some construction done at the barn this or next week.. Need to get started!  Been putting it off.  Also have to get oil delivered... and then start paying for hay.. Oh joy!

Well, we have had just great weather and I am very happy about that!!

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