Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Warmer weather

It's been pretty warm lately, and today it is supposed to hit the mid 80s.  Amazing.  Moved the sheep to the hill field on Monday (I think).  They are happily grazing.  All three fields have differing grasses, and I think they really like a change in types of forage.

So far five ewes marked, and none marked for a week.  I don't know if he bred the others before I put the raddle marker on him or not, but I suspect that he did not, will have to get them the next cycle I guess.  Who knows.  No breeding being done when I am there.

My Jeep is in the shop getting repaired from the deer hit, so I am driving the farm truck.  Let's just say I will be happy when I get my car back ;)  It is interesting to say the least driving with two Border Collies riding shotgun in a Ford Ranger.  I actually like the truck, but it is getting up there in miles and makes a lot of weird noises and is hard to shift into gear. 

Didn't work the dogs yesterday and won't today- it is just too warm.  I may stay home and get my shrubs trimmed for the end of the year.  That needs to be done badly.  Did get my lawn mowed yesterday.  Looks good- oh, also have to string trim.  

House needs cleaning too- as usual.. always stuff to do!

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