Sunday, March 17, 2013


It seems as if there is a whole new culture of people out there giving advice on how to ask for money, donations, anything that is needed.  I am just amazed at this.  We should be empowering people to learn how to get what they want by good old fashioned hard work and or initiative and ingenuity.  Nothing should come just because you ask.  Before you ask, you should have a trade in mind, or something..  It's called being humble, and having pride.  

Giving comes in many forms; perhaps someone says they will get the tab at dinner, and you take care of it.  Perhaps someone owes you a few bucks and you let it go.  Perhaps a WW2 veteran goes to the counter to pay his pharmacy bill and you pay for it.  Perhaps you decide to pay the toll for the guy behind you on the bridge. All of these show good will.  You don't want anything in return.  You just do it, even if you really can't afford to.   Maybe that action will catch on, and more people will do it.  Lead by example on this.  I hope there are people out there who still do these sorts of things.

If you must ask for things because you want them, you should return the favor some how.  It is not an "art" to beg for items you want, it is a scurrilous act just meant to fulfill your greedy dreams.  

We all need to give more.

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