Monday, March 18, 2013

Happier than ANYTHING!

Well, if I don't get more takers for the manure pile, I will just load it in the truck and in a few loads get it out of there.  The pile is a testament to why one does not lamb in winter...  A lesson that I am reminded of every day :)

The lambs are well, and one ewe still to go.  At this point I think she may have been bred by the ram lamb who came a few days after the other ram left.  Hmmm, pretty good for a lamb only 6 months!  But, we will see.

I worked the dogs, and I was so happy.  So nice to be doing that again.  Dan came in nice for the shed and I got it first try!  So happy!  Then I worked Joe and decided to do some flank direction proofing and small flanks.  I was very happy with how he did. I also was able to send him for some sheep as they took off, which totally gets him in the zone and the right place... Good dog Joe!

My brother is clearing another field, and that makes me happier than ANYTHING.  I am so happy!!!

Just about back to normal for work etc.   Hope to be able to make the trial this weekend.  Have things to do, but will get it done!

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