Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Going on

There is still one Cheviot ewe to go, and maybe the black Border Leicester cross.  They certainly are waiting as long as possible... So, I still visit the farm twice a day and carefully check everyone over.  The newest ewe lamb is small, but she seems healthy, and active. 

Still trying to adjust to life without Ginger.  When you have a geriatric pet for so long, you do a lot for them, and your life really changes and puts them first.   Boy kitty thought he saw her yesterday, and he went over an investigated.. Maybe he did, in a way.  I am still prone to tears at any time of the day, but I am trying to go on as much as possible.

The dogs have not gotten much work, but that will soon change, as trial season is soon upon us.  I need to get Dan's shedding as good as I can, and although I toyed with running Joe at trials, I still think he is a bit young.. we shall see.  Maybe I can sign up for a lesson with someone after a trial.

My house is sorely in need of a major cleaning.  Soon... so is my car... 

On a very neat note,  when I let the dogs out last night, guess what I heard?  Spring peepers!

Well, that's it for now.  Hope all is well with everyone.

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