Sunday, March 10, 2013

Life during lambing

It's been a long, time... Sorry, just been flat out like a lizard drinking... as they say in Australia.  I have learned that I will never lamb this early again.  I have to clean the barn every day, and it's about eight muck buckets a day.  You should SEE the mountain of straw out the back of the barn.  I have some people scheduled to come and pick some of it up once the ground firms up.

Lambing has been okay.  We have at this time, more ewe than ram lambs.  Just one more Cheviot due and the black cross ewe, maybe, but I am thinking she is not pregnant.  I had her and a few others ear marked to sell to this girl for dog training, but when I contacted her she told me that she put a deposit on other sheep- some fine how do you do.  Well, I will have a group to sell in a few weeks.

Have not worked the dogs much if at all.  The available sheep are light, and that's an understatement...  Looking forward to bringing home the three Dorset ewe lambs coming my way this spring. Quieter sheep.. that will be good!

I posted earlier that my Ginger passed away, and at this time, I still don't really want to talk about it.  It's still too much.  Life is very different without her around.

Lambing should be done by next Friday, and life can  begin again.. I hope.

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