Friday, March 22, 2013

Minus three

Cleaned the spare room yesterday, and removed the old desk top computer and all it's WIRES!  What a mess they are.  It's now in storage.  Felt good to get things cleaned in that room.

Three sheep left to be someone else's training sheep.  If  ewe does not get bred here, and all's well with her, she simply can't stay.  It's too expensive to feed sheep...  So, three down.

The lambs are doing well, and growing in leaps and bounds.  "T" as I call her is so adorable.  She's the youngest, but the bravest.  She was jumping straight up into the air and kicking out.  I really love her.  Most of the other lambs are eating hay now too, and grain when they can snatch some.

I have to start getting work done in the barn.  Yuck.  But, gotta do it.  Going to be a quiet weekend I hope.  Whoops, remember now that I have to go into work tomorrow and Sunday.  So much for quiet.

Well, that's the update.

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