Friday, March 15, 2013

Lamb pics

Here are some pics of the lambs.  Doing well.  Still have one ewe to go, and now I wonder if she got bred by the ram lamb... The breeding ram left and shortly thereafter, the ram lamb came here... I don't know.  Will know I guess, when the lamb does appear.  She appears to have a bit more time to go.  I have sold three sheep for training purposes, so a few less sheep, but still enough to work the dogs.  Will be bringing home three commercial Dorset ewe lambs later this year, and that will be great for training too.  Things are slowly getting back to normal and the BEST part is today, I did not have to clean the barn!  They did not go in it at all last night!!!!  I am so happy!  Tomorrow a guy coming for some of the manure before we leave to bring sheep to new home.  Well, hope you like the pics.  


Elaine P said...

Ooooooh!!! They are so sweet! They look wonderful, Julie! Thanks for these pics!

Patti said...

Julie, I have been reading your blog. I am amazed at your farm. The sheep are so healthy looking and gorgeous. The dogs and cats too. I had read CAF for years and of course all things there are such a mess. Her animals, her yard, her so called gardens, her house, her tumble down barn. I just want you to know that you are actually living the life she writes about. I think you are inspirational. You work hard and it sure shows. Hats off to you.