Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My Lucy

I have had Lucy separated from my other two older Kelpie females, because, at times, she will lose it and just go after them. It's unpleasant for all involved, and completely stressful for me. The last time this happened, I decided, was the last time it would happen.

I had put the word out to some friends that I would like to find a working home for Lucy.   Most importantly, a home where she could be either the only dog, or the only female, at least.  This was NOT an easy decision, but I felt like everyone would be happier if I did this.  Not only would Lucy not feel like she had to defend her space, but my old girls could live in peace.

There has been some interest, but for one reason or another, it does not work out- either the small amount of money I ask for is too much, or they have female dogs, or well, any number of things.  I think in many ways I am sabotaging this myself.  Any time I think of re-homing Lucy I get very upset.  Some of my friends believe I really should, that everyone would be happier, and some other friends remind me to be very careful, as bad things can happen, when dogs go to the wrong home.

The bottom line is, I don't think any home will be good enough.  Any home but mine, that is.  You see, the loyalty we have to each other is more than strong, it's bullet proof.  Lucy only has eyes for me.  She will do anything I ask for her, just because I ask.  Kelpies are different from Border Collies in some ways, and this is one. 

Lucy seems happy with our life the way it is, and so do Nikke and Kylie.  Is it more work like this?  Sure is.  Do I wish I did not have to have this change in routine? Sure, but in the end, Lucy sleeps on my bed with me at night, and when I am faced with a dire situation, and need her help, will she help me, no matter what the circumstance?  Yes.  So, perhaps I am just weak, or maybe I am not cut out to be an open handler, but the truth is, I don't think any home besides mine would be good enough, not if it was ordained by the Pope. 

So, Lucy stays. 

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