Thursday, May 10, 2012

Balancing it all

I have been grazing the sheep every day after work.  There is a big area that I do not have the funds to fence, that is over flowing with grass/weeds.  Instead of grain, I am taking these guys out to graze each day.  They are really enjoying it.  As I mentioned I would, I blocked off the barn, but they still want to try to get in.  Grain is a heady proposition for them; they are slaves to it.  But, they do not need grain.  The lambs are good.  I bought a bathroom scale yesterday so I can get the proper worming dose into them.

We had just a cloudy day yesterday, so normal walks/runs for the dogs, and they were quite happy.  This morning, I woke up thinking it would be a good day to work Dan.  Well, lo and behold rain, a steady decent one at that.  More rain.  This is good, really it is.  It's like we are having April in May this year.

Allergies this year are kicking my butt.  At this point I am trying all sorts of stuff to deal with them.  The worst part is being so tired from the anti-histamines.  I hate that.  I will get it figured out, I know.

My new sectional couch is coming on May 22nd.  I can't wait.  That's the same week my bathroom gets gutted.  I am so happy about making improvements to this house. There are a lot more projects that need to be done besides the bathroom, this will be a good start!  I have to balance my hobbies/livestock needs with my house; it's hard sometimes, but slowly, I think things are coming along.

I am really happy so far with the Cheviots.  Unlike the Border Leicesters, the Cheviots look as my father would say "fat, dumb, and happy", and that makes me the same- well, maybe not the dumb part.  They are also not getting tame to me- if I walk toward them, they move away.  The Border Leicesters would come toward me.  I like that these guys remain distant, better for training the dogs and also, for keeping them safe from all sorts of scary things. 

Well, that's it for now!

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