Sunday, May 13, 2012

I went to my friend's husband's funeral yesterday.  It is weird saying this, I know, but it was the best funeral I have been to.  First off, it was SRO, no free seats.  Filled with tear filled friends and family.  There were so many beautiful flowers, the fragrance from them was incredible.  One friend sang "Wild Horses" by the Stones. After the funeral, we went to the internment at Fairlawn cemetery, which was stunning; there was a Cormorant sunning itself on a rock, an Egret hunting, and a momma Duck with her babies, all in one huge pond.  Ron was so well loved.  I felt very honored to be there.

I got home after the funeral and was exhausted.  The Zyrtec I was taking was making me a complete zombie, and I could not function.  Today I tried Zyrtec D, which is better (thank God).

Today I mowed and string trimmed the yard.  Looking good.  Now I hear we are going to have three days of rain.  Good gravy Marie, I think we are catching up on the rain deficit....

Not much else for today, going to chill out before I start to tackle this house!

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