Wednesday, May 9, 2012


We are finally starting to etch away at the rainfall deficit we have had.  We're still in the red about 3-4" for the year thus far, but we had good rain yesterday, and more forecast for today.  I have been grazing my sheep in the area that is un-fenced between the two pastures- lots to eat there, and why not have them eat it, instead of having to string trim?  Yesterday they decided to get smart (not) and go into the barn.  I have to get the doors shut/closed off- so they can't go in there.... So much good green to eat, they should not be desperate to go in... but, sheep will be sheep. 

Next week a friend of mine is coming to stay over during a trial near me, and she will help me vaccinate/worm everyone.  I would also like to ear tag, but I worry about flies, so need some spray to keep them away from the site.

My new couch is coming on May 22nd.  I am excited about that.  Oh, and my bathroom? It's going to be a complete demo/reno.  I am replacing the old steel tub with a new steel tub and we will tile instead of using a tub surround.  I am also going to tile the floor and replace the vanity and linen closet.  It's a very small bathroom, so I should be able to get it done affordably, sort of... 

Joe has had a lot more freedom in the house, as he's growing up a bit, and I find he and Danny playing a little- of course, Dan would never admit to such babyish behavior in front of me ;)

Well, that's it for now. 

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