Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Wow, time is flying. I seem to be running around a lot and just trying to schedule things, along with basics of keep up.

I had moved the sheep into the hill field, but have moved them back to the big field, as the grass was gone fast (it's young grass in there and I don't want it destroyed). My brother took down 4 big trees and they lay right in the path from hill field to big field. I noticed this after we got the sheep out of hill field. They went to where a tree limb blocked their way, turned into their winter pen which has been taken partway down for a deck that was built and was filled with construction debris (read dangerous). Then, since someone left a barn door open they went into the barn (the bigger section where the steers were) and then pushed through the broken panel from when the steers were there, and then back out and then up into the yard near the driveway. Dan got them back for me and we got them into the big field. Then I had to get them in the barn and there was a worker on a ladder hammering on the left side of the half open doorway. Well, I suggested he should move because if the sheep hit the ladder, he would go flying. He responded by telling me he was not worried he had all his weight on the ladder it would go no where.... Luckily for him Dan is very good at his job and he did no get knocked off. Men, you can't live with them and... well you know the rest.

This week I have to get the rest of the barn cleaned out and this weekend another load of hay is coming. It's quickly cooling off outside and they said the end of this week will struggle to hit the low 50s. I hope it warms up again!!!!

No other news, except I pulled Dan from the trial we entered next month. Dan's been working very well and lately, our focus has been on off balance flanks on the fetch. We have been making some progress. Dan's so fun to work. He is so amenable to being directed, it's extremely nice....

Ticks are back out in force. In addition to the Preventic collars, I am having to spray them with bug spray to discourage the ticks. It's really bad.

Ginger needs to get a bath- she smells of urine- and I don't know why. Maybe her kidneys are just extremely shot. I think though, it's more that she has a hard time getting in and out of the box. So, I will get the dry bath stuff and clean her up. The stress of a real bath would be very hard on her.

I slept pretty well last night. It's a bit of a miracle...........

Well, that's it for now!

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