Monday, October 3, 2011

So, I decided to work Lucy a bit in between working Dan. I have gotten so frustrated with her, that I stopped working her. She has so much cover, stopping on the fetch is just impossible, and also, she just loses her cool sometimes. But, all that said, she is incredible in all do it or die situations- fetching sheep from woods, ledges, pushing sheep where they will not go... Dog breaking sheep, holding sheep, basically, she has so many virtues, that it is hard for me to accept her weaknesses, and after my friend said some things that really stuck, I have decided to go back to working her, and getting a better relationship with her. Some how, I want us back where we were. I damaged our relationship by coming down very hard on her, so I need to get that trust back, and I need to allow her to work, with just a few must do rules, and not get upset when she blows me off, which I know she will. She is going to teach me a lot.

Working Dan has been so nice, he is so willing and biddable, I lost for a moment the fact that Lucy is every bit as talented, just say, a bit less needing micro management. I can't tell you all how many people ask where Lucy is, and relate how sad it is I am not running her. I still may not run her, but I will work her, and if all we can do is help out at trials, at least she will be doing what she lives for.

I guess it's true, we get the dogs we need, not the ones we want.

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