Friday, October 14, 2011

I was talking with my sister the other night, we chatted about my blog and how I am on the fence about keeping it going, or changing it, or what... My sister wants me to develop it, and keep going. I think I have gotten into a bit of a sad sack role lately- even though I am happy, and funny, happy things to happen! So, I think I will roll back my fb time and spend more here.

Let's see, so I put a ewe in with my ram lamb to keep him company. The next day I come back and see that the other sheep pushed the doors open, the ram/ewe pushed the pen open and they all exited stage left. It would not be a big deal, except it took going through five closed doors to do this. I kid you not.

I got the ram and a ewe to put with him and fortified the pen area. Next day, they were still in there... I have ordered raddle powder (behind on all this) and some good marking crayons (have had it with chalk) and am going to mark my sheep, since many lack/have lost ear tags. As soon as I get the raddle powder I will mark the boy and put him out with my ewes, but keep out the three ewe lambs. I don't want him breeding them- especially one who is really small.

I brought everyone in yesterday and wormed them. I had them come in through the small guillotine door. Danny helped me with that. Dan is very good at this, if a bit too exuberant to push them at times- but he has great cover if they break off.

Been graining everyone now, and will continue until ram is done. I brought some hay out and some were interested, but clearly, no one is starving.

Have to go get hay tomorrow, which puts a crink in my plans to go to the sheep and wool festival. I may go, but I may not, I detest the huge crowds. Sunday, is another day I could go, but then, I do like to have one day where I don't have to do anything.

I got some extra "stuff" done yesterday- a/c out of window and cleaned some mildew that was up near my attic door, been meaning to get to that for ages... I also washed a ton of laundry. It was very good to get that done.

Well, that's it for now. I hope that everyone has a great weekend. Will be back to update soon :)

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